Security (two-factor and anti-cloning). BlueGate is a remote control system that serves only to authorized users, identified by two-factor authentication. It includes two components: Something the user knows (their secret PIN) and something the user has (their mobile device).

This authentication is independent and unique for each mobile user on each access. For this reason, BlueGate has no problems as setting codes or cloning conventional remote controls.



BlueGate is a user authentication system. Optionally allows integration with other corporate systems.


BlueGate consists of two components: An application that is installed on mobile phones and can act as a remote control authenticated, and a control box that receives requests for access from mobiles and actuates the mechanisms. The box is powered directly from the electrical network and supports multiple relay outputs to run on different equipment.

Computer facility:

The control unit is connected to the client´s corporative net and integrated with authentication system.

Electrical installation:

Each automatism is connected with the exits of the control unit in parallel with other push buttons or remote control. It bares up to eight elements for each control unit installed. Although, BlueGate bares different simultaneous points of Bluetooth access, to facilitate the different creations of control areas with a unique installation.

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