iOS - iPhone

iOS is one of the most popular platforms. These are some of our "case studies" for iOS iPhone.

  • Banco Continental / Banking
  • icon Bancomer / Banking
  • icon Bankinter / Banking
  • icon BBVA / Real Estate
  • icon CEPSA / Utilities
  • Compass / Banking

This application allows to the BBVA Continental customers to operate from an iPad device. Customers can manage their accounts and cards and obtain information as: movements of their accounts, financial products and service points located.

The solution locates nearby ATMs and branches of BBVA Bancomer. With this application the customer can see on the map ATMs and branches that are around him or around another location entered. Can also access the augmented reality view.



Mobile Banking. From this application the customer can check accounts, cards, and other investment products or transfers, send money to withdraw cash without needing cards, finance purchases, buying stocks or other operations.

It also provides:

  • Access to Broker Touch native application, to monitor and operate on the exchange.
  • Locator Servired offices and ATMs nearby, with steps on the map.
  • Currency converter.


BBVA Real Estate, allows users to locate homes for sale, providing detailed and useful information of each of them. It also includes features like bookmark management, calculation of estimated fees through a simulator, advanced searches, map views and augmented reality, ...


IPhone application that incorporates multiple public utilities based on geolocation as service points, other points of interest, ... From the private area you can access personalized information about promotions and points and can perform operations with customer loyalty cards.





Banking application that allows various operations: manage accounts, transactions, view checks, locate services, .... using a dynamic graphical interface.



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