A key, a secret password or a magnetic card are examples of 1-factor authentication to control access to systems, services and resources. Simple ..., but can be very vulnerable to identity theft, cloned,  and so on.

Why not use strong authentication solutions Two-Factor (2FA), using our own mobile device?

Movilok has developed a range of authentication products that are governed by standard Oath. Using the processing capabilities of mobile devices to generate dynamic password authentication Factor 2 (2FA). There are different products for different uses that have several configuration options that increase versatility

Each new password is generated based on a secret password or PIN, which only the user knows. The password can be used to access an Internet service, a system or a physical resource. The password changes on each access, thus avoiding the problem of false identity.

The solution is completed with an authentication server, which authorizes or rejects the attempts to access and easily integrates with the corporate infrastructure of any company or service provider.

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