MovilokID offers a simple alternative for dynamic passcode generation. This allows that anyone with a mobile phone can take advantage of the strong authentication guarantees.


Advanced security:

Compared to other traditional systems, the code that is generated for each access is unique and personalized for each user with his mobile. In this way, makes it difficult to impersonate, as it would be necessary to have your phone and PIN to generate valid passcodes. The codes generated are dynamic and for single use (OTC-One Time Code), i.e., a given user generates a different barcode for each authentication attempt.

MovilokID is based on a highly secure algorithm (OATH).

Bar Codes:

Movilok BarCode generates two-dimensional barcodes on the screen of your phone.  These codes are read by any barcode reader.


Movilok BarCode is easily integrated with other corporative systems, making integrated solutions for control access and presence control.

Secure information storage:

All passcode generated in your phone are protected by a secure store. Thus it, is not possible to get any information of the service even if the phone is stolen. The mobile does not require any connection (data or voice) to generate passcodes.

Utilities and benefits

Using extremely simple:

MovilokID is so simple it can be applied to any user with a mobile phone.

The user enters his secret PIN on MovilokID phone application and it returns the next valid passcode for access to the service. This process is repeated indefinitely for future access.

Flexible solution:

The server is available in different configurations (as an 'appliance') to suit the needs of your business. The solution simultaneously supports different authentication schemes and different configurations, including user level.

Easy deployment:

Deploying MovilokID is simple. It can be distributed whith an SMS message. You can also download with bluetooth.

Before the first use, it is necessary to activate the application to ensure the exclusivity. The activation is obtained by the introduction of an activation code.

Who is addressed?

MovilokID is applicable in all situations, systems and services that requires a password to control access: Electronic banking, subscription internet services, access to ASP, access to intranets and extranets, access to electronic services, access to VPNs, transaction authentication,…

MovilokID supports simultaneous access of several thousand users, so it is appropriate for services to general public, while providing a high security level and does not require user training.

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