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    We have over 10 years of experience in mobility solutions, with repetitive clients and multi-device solutions working in large companies from different countries (Spain, United States, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, ... )
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  • Interactive showcases

    Showcases Interactive is an interactive digital
    signage solution that can be used both inside
    the establishment as behind a shop window,
    on a giant screen, etc.
    The interactivity is achieved through the
    mobile browser client that becomes a remote
    control window without installing any application
    (only reading the QR or typing URL of
    the service).
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  • Security


    The safety and reliability of the solutions is a critical factor for Movilok. We have made a major effort in R & D to increase the mobile security devices, which has resulted in a specific product line.
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  • Movilok is an excellent partner on projects about mobile applications. The benefits to our clients are manifold: Experience: Movilok is a pioneer in developing mobile solutions...
  • Our approach to mobility is based on a broad knowledge of technologies and their application to different sectors and markets. Mobile technologies are constantly evolving ...
  • Each individual customer has specific needs for your business. For this reason Movilok propose, design and put in place the most appropriate mobility strategy, considering all possible technological variants. Movilok provides all services related to the deployment of a mobile solution: design, strategy, technology assessment, functional definition, development and support.
  • Movilok team consists of professionals in telecommunications technology and information as well as professionals in the fields of quality, design and usability. Also Movilok has significant know-how derived from the investment in R & D ...
  • Movilok have developed research projects that cover various areas, but with one common denominator ... safety.
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