Movilok has experience in various technologies available for mobile platforms. These are some of our "case studies" for more current and relevant technologies.

  • icon CEPSA/Android
  • icon Mutua Madrileña/IPhone
  • icon BBVA/Yahoo TV
  • icon Mapfre/Blackberry
  • icon Compass/Playbook
  • icon B. Continental/iPad
  • icon BBVA/Windowws Phone

Android application that incorporates multiple public utilities based on geolocation as service points, other points of interest, ... From the private area you can access personalized information about promotions and points and can perform operations with customer loyalty cards.



iPhone application that incorporates information on products, branches, ... as well as utilities based on geo-location. It has a private area with personalized information about policy and loyalty programme. You can also check the price of vehicle insurance and complete the hiring process.


With this TV application the user can view all the information of Liga BBVA: Results, Schedule, Standings, access to Twitter, ...

The application allows you to find different services: MAPFRE offices, garages, clinics, automobile insurance proficients and other collaborating centers, as well as useful information on each POI (phone number, ...).



Banking application that allows various operations: manage accounts, transactions, view cheques, locate services,.... using a dynamic graphical interface.


This application allows to the BBVA Continental customers to operate from an iPad device. Customers can manage their accounts and cards and obtain information as: movements of their accounts, financial products and service points located.

Native application that allows customers of BBVA to view information and perform operations: accounts, cards, shares and transactions information, pre-pay for mobiles, geo-location of banking services, ...




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